The ALLPEOPLE concept?

To participate, by oneself or with assistance, in the collective memory of humanity.

To leave a trace of oneself, in complete freedom, without being judged, to loved ones or to humanity as a whole.

Navigate at your own pace in the memory, find loved ones and sources of interest.

To realise a project at the end of life and sometimes to come out of one’s loneliness if not despair.

An for those in the AllPeople building team :

To offer everyone a share of eternity and access to what all others have also wanted to leave of themselves.

To offer the certainty that what you are going to give will not be distorted or altered for commercial or political purposes.

To guarantee strong values that make the utopia in progress both possible and acceptable.


At the service of the elderly, in order to think about related subjects!


The AllPeople book is edited and allows you to fully understand the original idea.

You will find in it the founding reasons for this desire to preserve the memory of humanity, but also the values at the source of the project and the principles that must not be deviated from in order not to transform AllPeople into yet another social network.

The original cover of the AllPeople book represents the AllPeople ecosystem and was created for the project by Frédéric Tonnerre, a painter from Pont-Aven (Brittany).

Enjoy your reading.

You can get the book in several formats and choose the one that suits you best.

The money from the sale of the book goes systematically to the AllPeople Association (AP) and is used for the project to develop the idea.

There are several options, including membership of the association.

Generally speaking, we need your strength and your donations to move forward and realise this utopia for all.

AllPeople is a human ecosystem.

It is represented by a tree.

The roots represent the memory of humanity, the earth, the base.

The trunk is the AllPeople company itself, which ensures both the storage and the provision of the data.

The leaves represent what can be seen from this memory, combined with navigation.

The Owl is the guarantor of the AllPeople values and watches over the tree.

Birds are the humans, who pass by and can create their digital nest (legacy) which will then be retrieved and assimilated within the roots.