Association declared non-profit-making (French law 1901)

Statutory objective: The purpose of the Association is: To help older people to pass on what they wish to future generations through a legacy management tool and a navigation interface, and any similar, related or complementary objects or objects likely to promote their realisation or development.

The Association proposes to achieve its objectives by implementing the following means (non-exhaustive list) :


the sale, whether habitual or occasional, of all products or services falling within the scope of its object, or likely to contribute to its realisation the organisation of various events and activities, including, where appropriate, the organisation of newsletters, dissertations, publications, debates, courses and conferences the implementation of any judicial or extra-judicial action useful for the accomplishment of its purpose, and more generally, all means of communication and promotion that are useful and necessary for the achievement of the object, or likely to contribute to it.


SIRET: 889 405 023 00017 / Category: 9220 / APE: 9499Z


Tel : +33 6 37 54 97 59 / Patrick Eymard /

Tel : +33 6 34 23 32 05 / Thibault de Clisson /

Address: 15 rue des Roitelets, 91400 Orsay, France

Bank details: FR76 1973 3000 0101 0000 0575 429 / OPSPFR21OLK


Achieve the utopian idea of a collective memory whose content is immutable, eternal and accessible to all !