Achieve the utopian idea of a collective memory whose content is immutable, eternal and accessible to all !

Three pillars are essential to the project

And all three need you!

A. The means

This is an ambitious project both in terms of the target and utopia, but also in terms of the digital ecosystem needed to achieve it. The funds we collect are used to develop the applications and the associated information campaign.

Start-up: We are starting right away with the development of a first draft which, although limited in functionality, is already operational and secure, durable and reliable. The ergonomics of the first draft will be as efficient and designed to last. For this, donations, participatory marketing ideas and crowdfunding are avenues to be explored.

Preservation of legacies: We need to think far ahead and ensure that the legacies deposited by the people who trust us will be preserved over the long term. We need a structured and sustainable financial base as well as strong support (companies, foundations, ministries).

B. The applications

There are three pillars being developed simultaneously on several technical platforms (Windows, IOS and Android).

The Legacy Capture Tool (OFFER): The creation of the media, their aggregation into sequences and then the production and distribution of Donors’ legacies.

The necessary infrastructure (PROTECT): The technical structure for storage, backup, archiving, security, management of authorisations, etc. All the infrastructure necessary for the project must be extensible to go from a few donations, to quickly the possibility of developing a social service.

The legacy navigation tool (EXPLORE): A navigation in the memory of humanity, first in a simple way, by requests, by categories, then in two dimensions, and finally in 3 dimensions, in immersion, like a walk.

The tree trunk must be solid and reliable to properly irrigate the navigation leaves with the sap from the memory roots.

C. Explain, convince and demonstrate

When the applications are ready for the uses associated with the ALLPEOPLE project, people will still need to connect to them and either log in or browse.

An information and communication campaign to reassure, to explain, to eliminate the fears of people who do not understand the Internet ecosystem and have not entered the digital era of their own free will.

And then we will still have to make sure that people have access to it or deploy the means for people to use the applications (tablets, smartphones, mobile terminals, etc.).