Angélica Moreno

President and Artist

Sabor de Creacion (Flavour of Creation or Caractère de Création) is a young graphic design company. Angélica created the owl and all the visuals and is an active participant in the AllPeople project.

Frédéric Tonnerre

Artist painter

Frédéric is an experienced artist and a demanding and hard-working servant of his art: glazing. He also understood the project immediately and with his inner poetry made it unique. Thank you!

Elise et Laurent


Elilocom is an editorial packaging and communication company which, by listening, patience and competence, has made it possible to publish the AllPeople book.

Albe de Coker is the Antwerp-based printing house that was strongly advised by Elilocom. Outstanding upstream work, reasonable prices, impeccable quality.


Online Banking

OLKY is the online bank that has been chosen for the main account of the association. Not easy to reach, but simple to use in the end.

The Caisse d’Epargne d’Issy les Moulineaux was chosen as the association’s current account. Its manager is an open-minded and sensitive person on the AllPeople subject.

Ocreativis is a web design company since 2003. The great experience of its president has allowed the creation of the association’s website in record time.